We offer a wide range of your bicycle servicing needs. No matter what type of bike you ride, from mountain to road,  beach cruiser to BMX we stock a wide range of parts just for you. We have an ever-growing inventory of repair parts so we can get your bike back to you quickly, and you can get out and ride. We offer everything from the simple derailleur (shifter) repair/adjustment to the complex suspension rebuilds and wheel builds. No job is too small or large. We only use quality, job specific tools in our shop, you will never see someone use a crescent wrench on your bike here.


Tune Up / Repairs

At H&H Bicycles we would be happy to help you with any minor or major repairs. We know how frustrating it can be for riders when your bike does not preform correctly. Whether you just need a tire change, safety tune  or a full bike over haul, most of repairs are completed in three business days or less.

Hand Built Wheels 

Hand built wheels are superior to prebuilt machine built wheels. We ensure that the spokes are pre- stressed to reduce negative break in affects. We use precision tools to ensure the final product results in a balanced wheel at the correct tension.

Custom Fittings

A proper bike fit is more important than many people think. A well-fitting bike will decrease aches and pains from riding. An ill-fitting bike can cause overuse injuries over time. Bike fitting is a science that when followed optimizes the body's ability to put power to the pedals.