seven cycles

Seven Cycles is the largest custom bike builder in the world. We choose to sell their bikes for several reasons. Their quality is second to none. Every bike goes through a stringent process to ensure that you the customer is full satisfied with the bike. It starts with a in shop fitting. Once the fitting is done we take all the measurements and send them to the experts at seven where an engineer personally designs your bike to be perfect for you. There is nothing off the shelf about this bike. The tube set is picked with you and only you in mind. Your weight, riding style, and preferred riding are all considered when picking the diameter and wall thickness of your tube set. You hand pick the paint and all the parts to build a truly one of a kind bike. We are all one of a kind and we believe your bike should be too.

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Colnago bikes have a long and rich history. In the world of road bikes there are not many if any bikes that have such a long history of prestige. Colnago has been working with Ferrari since the late 1980’s in a sharing of creativity and technology to build beautiful high performance bicycles. We can build your Colnago right out of the box or custom order all your parts just the way you want it.